Mrs. Lankston is our very talented art teacher at J. L. Mudd! She visits with students weekly to learn about: lines; portraits; still-life; weaving; landscapes; complementary, neutral, warm, and cool colors; sculpture; patterns and rhythm, and much more!

Catch a glimpse of student art work showcased by clicking on the links over to the left. 


I am so thrilled to be part of the J. L. Mudd Elementary School.  I have taught in the district for 17 years, and I just love it here.  I went to SMSU in Springfield and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Painting and became certified to teach art K–12.  I taught high school art for 7 years in Piedmont, MO.  It was a great place to finish raising my kids. During this time I earned my Master of Education Degree from Boliver.  I moved up here in 2000.  I started teaching the elementary grades and fell in love.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have 2 lovely children, Rose and Keith, and 3 grandchildren I adore! Some of the things I like to do are reading, cooking, going to art galleries and museums, fishing, and just relaxing on my patio enjoying my roses.

Julie Lankston
Art Education