Science Fair Awards
Science Fair Awards 2018
Posted on 02/09/2018
science fair pic

Congratulations to the following students for their efforts in participating in the Science Fair!

First Place Winners:
Adler Hardy (Kindergarten)
Dominic Hurtt (2nd Grade)
Carly Obrecht (1st Grade)

Second Place Winners:
Ameila Albers (2nd Grade)
Abbigail Reinke (2nd Grade)
Mason Smith (Kindergarten)

Third Place Winners:
Anna Gifford (2nd Grade)
Ava Minshall (2nd Grade)
Brenen Peck (1st Grade)
Russell Ratcliff (Kindergarten)

Participation Certificate:
Hailey Lu (2nd Grade)
Abigail Piper (2nd Grade)
Aubrey Rowland (1st Grade)
Parker Schumacher (Kindergarten)
Evie Vermaux (2nd Grade)